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Psychology Assessment

Does your child struggle with learning or attention? It is important to recognize that these challenges can lead to feelings of distress, anxiety, low motivation, and poor self-esteem. Our experienced psychologists and psychological associates located in Cambridge, Milton, and Midland, Ontario can help. Check out our page on psychoeducational assessment for more information or call us!


ADHD can be a challenging condition to manage and can lead to academic struggles and issues with self-esteem. Consulting a trusted psychotherapist can make a world of difference. With their help, you can develop strategies that work for you and your unique situation. Reach out to a trusted psychotherapist in Cambridge, Ontario today to build strategies to help you manage your symptoms and take back control.

Education Services

Is your child on an Individualized Education Program? If you're worried that the school isn't utilizing the appropriate learning techniques, we can help. We can review school documents, such as IEP's and report cards. Then we can make suggestions on how to better assist you child at school. If you are in the Cambridge, Milton, Brantford, Midland and nearby regions, get in touch with us to learn more about our services today.

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Our goal is to help make education a good experience so that people can become the best version of themselves.

- Daniela Ranieri Switzer, MA, C Psych




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