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Individual Psychotherapy

Sometimes life is just overwhelming and you or your child need assistance in making sense of what is going on. Perhaps you are struggling with managing your child's behaviour and need support. Personalized, individual sessions provided by an experienced psychotherapist can help you develop strategies and skills to assist you, your child, or your family.
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Adult ADHD Groups

There are many adults who are struggling with managing their day to day responsibilities as a result of an ADHD diagnosis. Often those who received the diagnosis later in life haven't benefited from early training and intervention. Using a cognitive behavioural method developed specifically for adults with ADHD, at various times we offer closed groups (currently online) for 12 weeks to help develop strategies for better day to day functioning.
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Life Skills Training

Life skills training teaches skills for an individual to live a more independent life at home, work, and in the community. Having a focus on activites in your daily life allows a practical and achievable result. Working with you to understand the significant skills required to live successfully and life skills can be obtained at any stage in your life. Vocational support such as career planning, resume and interview skill building, behavioural assistance is also available.
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Social Skills Training

Social skills training is a technique used by professionals to help you or your family with anxiety, behavioural challenges, personality disorders, and other diagnoses to successfully function in social settings. These social settings include home, school institutions, the work-place and more. The treatment can be used as on part in a combination of treatments and be trained individually or in a group setting. Social skills training starts with an assessment to then allow introduction of techniques to see improvement.
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