Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational Assessment

Empowering Individuals through Psychoeducational Assessment in Cambridge

Welcome to “Full Potential” in Cambridge, ON, where we specialize in psychological and psychoeducational assessments. We aim to provide insightful evaluations for children, adolescents, and adultsto support their unique learning and cognitive needs. Let’s explore how our tailored assessments can make a difference in your or your loved one’s life.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessments

At "Full Potential," we offer a range of assessments to understand and address various cognitive and learning needs.

Our psychological and psychoeducational assessments focus on understanding a child's or adult's intellectual and academic functioning. This type of assessment is essential when an individual is struggling with academic or vocational performance.  It provides a detailed picture of an individual's learning profile, helping to tailor recommendations for their developmental and educational needs.

Tailored Assessments for All Ages

Our approach is inclusive, offering specialized assessments for every age group.

Children and Adolescents

Psychoeducational assessments provide a comprehensive overview of cognitive functioning for children and adolescents, which is especially important in neurodevelopmental conditions. Psychoeducational assessments are vital in identifying learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and social-emotional difficulties that may be impacting school success. The information contained in the report can facilitate educational support, such as an Individual Education Plan (IEP).


In adults, psychoeducational assessments are are important for adults returning to educational settings or facing vocational challenges. The results and recommendations contained in the report can identify accommodations for use at post secondary or on the job.

Why Choose Us for Your Assessment Needs?

At “Full Potential,” our assessments are more than just standardized tests; they are a pathway to understanding and embracing individual learning styles and cognitive strengths.

Expert and Empathetic Team

Our team of psychologists is not only highly skilled in conducting assessments but also deeply empathetic to the needs of each individual. We understand the nuances of learning and cognitive differences and are dedicated to providing supportive and insightful assessments.

Individualized Approach

Every assessment we conduct is tailored to the individual's unique needs. We consider factors like age, ability to concentrate, and specific referral questions to ensure each assessment is as relevant and helpful as possible.

Support Beyond Testing

After the assessment, we offer a detailed debriefing session to discuss results, recommendations, and any questions you might have. Our support extends beyond the testing room, assisting with developing educational plans and accessing community services.


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